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On Board Stability Software

On Board Stability Software

Approximately 25 vessels use our software, in some cases religiously every day while at sea to provide operational reports.

All data entry is via the mouse- dragging tank levels, loading different regions in the hold and making decisions on free surface.

Investigations can be carried out at sea to determine how much further time can be spent fishing while ensuring a safe and stable return voyage. Sometimes ballast has to be discharged at sea crossing into National waters and the stability implications can be fully explored.

This software takes the dust off a Stability Books and allows the operators to manage his vessel more effectively while maintaining compliance with Stability requirements.

Trim, Stability and Acceleration Prediction Packages for Barges

Trim, Stability and Acceleration Prediction Packages for Barges

Simple to use packages that enable on board personnel to compute cargo arrangments and accelerations for cargo limited by an acceleration environment.

Sophisticated packages are available which allow the operator to determine the trim as loads are transferred from wharf to deck checking for maximum transition angles that a multi-wheeled trailer can accommodate. Once the loading arrangement has been formulated the accelerations in different sea states can be examined at prescribed reference locations.

Finally the stability can be reviewed for seaworthiness and determining any ballasting requirements.

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