Ship Motions

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Parametric Roll Resonance

The explanation behind capsize in heading and following seas

Innovative computer aided modelling by Seaspark that is acknowleged by the ABS reviewer as producing “remarkably similar” results to those generated by LAMPS ( Large Angle Motion Prediction Software).

Ship Motions

Polar plots have been produced for three classes of RORO passenger ferries. These plots govern the ship’s speed and heading for a series of wave heights.

SeaSpark offers to create these operational plots given the lines plan and displacement parameters.

Ship Motions

Floating Terminals

Based on innovative damping between ground connection and ships alongside these offer an economic solution to ship loading facilities

Load transfer wharves where ships require deep water are expensive and can create serious environmental impact issues that can be simplified by the concept of floating terminals. Their success is based on an understanding of how the relative motions between the terminal and the its gound connection and its connection to the ship can be successfully damped, thereby extracting the wave energy.

Ship Motions

Hull Motion Analysis

Determining the acceleration environment to determine equipment and structural loads
Real time and spectral motion analysis has been carried out successfully on Naval and SOLAS vessels including RORO Passenger ferries.
Ship Motions

Hull Motion On-Board Graphical Software Packages

Simple to use packages that enable on board personnel to compute cargo arrangments and accelerations for cargo limited by an acceleration environment.

Sophisticated packages are available which allow the operator to determine the trim as loads are transferred from wharf to deck checking for maximum transition angles that a multi-wheeled trailer can accommodate. Once the loading arrangement has been formulated the accelerations in different sea states can be examined at prescribed reference locations.

Finally the stability can be reviewed for seaworthiness and determining any ballasting requirements.

Ship Motions